your health companion

Your buddy to get grip on the obesity of your child
together with your child

A unique solution

aimed at enhancing the quality of life

Simply by using chat conversations

Budiyu helps you perform tasks, register complaints and get to know the possibilities of the app. All through a sympathetic chat conversation. Like you're texting with someone else.


The diary is the central point of Budiyu. That's where everything comes together. Here you can see back in time how you feel, when you took your medication and what your weight was.

When you take care of your child with your partner, you will also see your partner's messages in your child's diary.


Unique in our solution are the three different roles that can be created:
i) parent to a child
ii) as a patient himself
iii) as a caregiver to your elderly parent(s) or fellow patient

The network effect is also visible in our shared community environment where it is possible to ask questions and request peer support.

Social journalling

Conversations are the cornerstone of human interaction and the driver of effective change. That is why we always put conversations (in the form of a chat interaction) first.

This means that Budiyu asks users intelligent questions to invite users to interact with our application. This is how Budiyu feels personal and familiar.

Real-world data

After explicit permission from users, the data is pseudonymized and transferred to the Budiyu DataLab.

By means of a dashboard, these are accessible to other stakeholders for research into improving the quality of life.

Our vision

Improving the quality of life for patients living with a chronic disease

We strive to create a world where intrinsic motivation and empathetic cooperation empower individuals to manage their health, life and happiness. To do this, we transform the powerful motivational drivers of competence, autonomy, relatedness and empathy. Natural playful and social interactions continually reinforce recurring and subsequent motivation.

The Budiyu team

“Talents win games, but teamwork wins championships.”

Mark van Kuijk
Joop Arends


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Everything comes together in the diary

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